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New York Radical Feminist Consciousness-raising Group Guide, Topics

This guide can be used with modifications to start feminist consciousness-raising groups ad infinitum.
Radical feminism stands for changing "root causes" of women's inequality in societal attitudes (like not selling a Hillary Clinton nutcracker) rather than just laws. The second part of New York Radical Feminists 1976 Introduction sent out from the post office box until it closed in the spring of 1989. Consciousness-raising (c-r)groups alleviate feminists' isolation and give support for their political work and redefinition of their roles in their families, work and other environments.

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Reviewer: Ldsnh2 - - June 17, 2015
Subject: Thank you all who downloaded
our consciousness-raising guide. We wish you all blessings in your c-r groups, just keep them going as long as you can.